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New Housing Program

Response is launching a new Housing Program for Survivors in 2019!

When dinner was late, he threw her against the wall. Looking at her scared children, she vowed that this time she would leave. The next day she came to Response for help. She didn’t want him in jail, but she wasn’t safe at home with him. At the same time, she didn’t think she could leave. When we asked why, her answer was all too familiar – she had nowhere else to go and no resources to get a place of her own.

This is one survivor’s true story, but unfortunately, it is tragically common.

The top two reasons that survivors do not leave their abusers are housing and economic insecurity. The controlling dynamics of abuse create unique barriers to a survivor’s ability to access safe and affordable housing: poor credit and ruined rental histories; lack of steady employment because of violence and stalking; housing discrimination because of law enforcement calls; and the loss of subsidized housing because of violations by the abuser. Not only is domestic violence one of the leading causes of homelessness, the fear of homelessness is one of the biggest obstacles to fleeing domestic violence.

This holiday season we have something very special to celebrate. Thanks to our largest federal grant ever and a generous gift from a private foundation, we will be starting a Housing Program for Survivors.  This program will enable us to help survivors of domestic and sexual violence find a way out of abuse through transitional and long-term housing assistance. Until now, Response has only been able to provide emergency short-term shelter, but often this is not enough. Starting in 2019, we will be able to provide transitional housing and long-term rental assistance to at least 40 survivors.  This is a crucial start, but the need in our area is even greater.  Your gift to Response will support this new program and all our programs and services, helping us serve more survivors, educate more students, and make an even bigger impact.

Nobody should have to choose between a safe home and no home at all. I believe you agree, which is why I am asking you to give to Response today!

With sincerest gratitude,

Shannon Meyer
Executive Director of Response