Our pledge

I pledge to support, not judge, survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse.
My response supports, educates, and empowers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.
My response is to be aware of the signs of both physically and emotionally abusive relationships among my neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family.
My response is to open a conversation about domestic violence and sexual abuse in our community, and to shine a light on the issue instead of allowing it to exist in the shadows.

My response is to set an example for my family, friends, and community by creating and upholding a safe environment.

Thank you for supporting Response. Together we can make an impact, and we can save lives. 

Our allies

Tom Heald

Greg Shaffran

Roger Marolt

Lane Johnson

Joe diSalvo

Samuel Bernal

Johnny Henschel

Mike Kaplan

Riley Tippet

Robert de Wetter


Dave Ressler

Diana Duffey

Amy Egertson-Throm

Kari Throm

John Mele

Juano Rubio

Charlie Bantis

Simon Dogbe

Keith Ikeda

Scott Schuett

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